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Friday, July 14, 2006

Stop Smoking!

If this doesn't curb your cigarette habit, nothing will.

all those bumps are individual metastases of this long-time smokers lung cancer.


physicians and unions

Why I'll never join a doctor's union:
The death of a patient in Goettingen, central Germany, is being blamed on weeks of strikes by doctors demanding better pay and conditions. The physicians involved assert that the patient's care was not compromised but a manslaughter inquiry is underway....

Doctors at the University Hospital in Goettingen, central Germany, were in their 13th week of strikes when the 57-year-old patient, named only as Elke S for legal reasons, suffered a fatal heart attack. She had been scheduled to have an intracardiac catheter fitted on June 2, but the operation was put back a week because of the protests, even though poor results were recorded when an electrocardiogram was carried out. The patient died 2 days later on June 4 after her condition worsened at home.
From the latest Lancet, probably no free text. I think by choosing to be a physician you have to put care of patients above your personal interests.