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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Western States Pictures

Thanks to Tom Watson, pacer extrordinaire, for these. If you click (or maybe double click on them) you'll see bigger versions.
This is the view from the start.
The first climb takes you up over the shoulder on the left of the mountain dead ahead (at least that is how I remember it).
When you arrive in Squaw Valley and see what this climb looks like, it tends to have a sphincter tightening effect.

Second is the plaque on a rock near the start.

Third is a picture of the start. It nicely captures the feeling you get: it's dark, there are 400 runners, lights and a huge sense of anticipation

Me at Robinson Flat, doing something

Some nice views of the high country, taken by Tom so presumably somewhere around Robinson Flat.

My ace crew (Isabel and Colin) waiting at Michigan Bluff (I think). Remember CREW = Cranky runner, endless waiting.

I even stopped for a picture (I hate to waste time in aid stations)

Tom, resting up before his big night. He looks innocent here, but there is a dark side to him! Seriously, he was invaluble in pushing me those last 38 miles.

Crossing the finish line. I love this picture as it sort of sums up how I felt at the end. I was just a small part of an enormous undertaking. I have this as the background on my desktop at work. I also like that dark sky

Getting my finishing medal from Tim Twietmeyer. This was his first "off" year after doing the race 25 consecutive times under 24 hours, including several wins. Incredible.

Getting my belt buckle (gingerly) with Adrianne in the foreground