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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 New Years Resolutions

1. Run at least 20 miles at USC Fat Ass 50k 1/2. If I'm training for a marathon this spring I'm not sure I need to do all 30+ miles

2. Go sub 6:40 at Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints

3. Run Pittsburgh Marathon; finish sub 3:30. My interpretation is this would qualify me for Boston as I'll be 45 for the 2011 running

4. Run 1500 miles

5. Row 1 million meters

6. Be able to do 10 pull ups and 20 dips (I can do 7 and 14 now, so it isn't a huge reach)

7. Blog more. More than 100 substantive posts in 2010

8. Learn to "tweet"

9. Finish a 100 mile race in late 2010.

10. Qualify for Western States Lottery


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