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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


As part of doing Prerounds, Nick, grand domo of Grand Rounds, suggested I blog more about my ultrarunning, that he thought people would be interested in this. I'm not so sure, but here is a link to my friend Ollie's description of a recent 24 hour walk he did Weather kept him from reaching his goal of 100 miles (there is a special "Centurion" award you get for doing this, Ollie has accomplished this in the past, but not at a race with judges to ensure good form), but he stuck with it as best he could:
I got up and finished a lap, but the next two laps (to get to 62 miles) were a death march. I had slowed to 57 and 51 minutes! I also threw up 5 times during those two laps. When I saw the judges, I acutally asked them to DQ me! Once when I asked, Ivo said "you can only get DQ'ed for running, and in the shape you are in, running is impossible."
Note that laps are just over 2 miles.


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