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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Grand Rounds: call for submissions

I will be hosting Grand Rounds 2:22 on Tuesday 2/14. Email submissions to me at macginnitie at excite.com

1. Overal submission guidelines are here

2. There have been a number of discussions lately about the purpose and direction of Grand Rounds. Some have advocated for more proactive hosts to pick only the most noteworthy posts, others value inclusiveness. Some wise commentors have suggested a hybrid, with some "featured posts" with all appropriate posts also listed.

I will try out this new style by selecting the 10 posts I deem most worthy and featuring those. Note I did not say the 10 best posts, nor the 10 readers would most enjoy. My decisions are final. I will include all other submissions with a brief description.

3. The number of submissions has increased significantly over the past year and so has time invested by the hosts. The majority of posts seems to come near the deadline. I have full days of clinic both Monday and Tuesday and my family to spend time with Monday night, so the firm deadline for ALL submissions is 5PM EST on Monday 12/20. Any submissions recieved after that time will not be included.

As an incentive to get submissions in early, a minimum of 5 of the "Top 10" featured posts will be selected from those which I recieve by 5PM EST on Sunday 12/19, giving me more time to get it together.

4. Please email me your link and a BRIEF description of it, particularly if it is lengthy.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Tigre said...

I have no idea what ground rounds are, but i'm sure they're something that makes the world a better place.


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