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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Counting my blessings

Why me Lord, what have I ever done
To deserve even one of the pleasures I've known
-Johnny Cash
Yesterday, I had 3 new consults and a follow-up to see. Two of the consults were complex and the fellow had clinic in the morning, so she didn't finish them until nearly 5PM. I was beginning to feel a bit crabby, having to stay late the day before Thanksgiving and all.

I got over that real quick. One infant has a life-threatening immune deficiency that will require a bone-marrow transplant, another young child is permanently neurologically devastated from an event where breathing stopped, cutting off oxygen to the brain. The third a preteen with enough psych issues to be on a long list of meds, one of which was causing an allergic reaction. The lucky one was a boy with asthma waiting to go home. Despite what must seem horrific luck, none of the parents were bitter or angry. All went out of their way to wish us a happy holiday. Taking care of sick children truly is an honor and a priviledg
I got home to a hot dinner and two healthy, happy kids demanding to help me shovel snow. I hope we all count our blessing today.


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