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Sunday, October 16, 2005

What to feed your kid

Turns out most of what you hear from your pediatrician is probably wrong, or at least without any real basis:
bring on the spices. Science is catching up with the folklore that babies in the womb and those who are breast-fed taste -- and develop a taste for -- whatever Mom eats. So experts say if Mom enjoys loads of oregano, baby might, too.
My kids for the most part are adventerous eaters and enjoy spicy food. I remember once eating with my son and my parents and asking him if he'd like calamari. He asked what it was and when I replied "basically fried squid" he responded "sounds good" much to his grandparents amazement.

Wearing my allergist hat, I do have to caution against early introduction of foods like peanuts and shellfish in kids at high risk of food allergies, although the data for this intervention is weak.


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