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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Life without e-mail

Somehow, the IT geniuses have mananged to delete my e-mail account. My computer knowledge is tenuous at best, but as I understand it, we are moving to a new server for our e-mail accounts. I got an e-mail at my old account Friday afternoon saying I was being migrated and the only difference would be the web address to use browser based e-mail.

All weekend I tried to log into the new site without success. I called our help(less) desk on Monday morning and talked to a nice young man who initially denied I had ever had an account. "But Andy, I can't find your account anywhere." He finally located my mainframe accoutn which convinced him I could conceivably once had an e-mail account under the same ID. As if physicians today have nothing better to do than call up computer techs pretending they have accounts that don't exist.

Well, once I'd convinced him their might be a problem, he announced he'd have to refer this to the "migration team." No word, no progress and no response to several messages. Aaargh.
I hope no one is emailing me any critical info, because I'm not getting it. One of my colleagues asked me yesterday what I'd thought of his email.

In a strange way it is sort of liberating, but in the sense that I feel free, but know that a brick may fall on my head at any time.


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