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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

For those who complained about how ugly the pictures of my feet were, here are some more pleasing ones. This is Colin and Isabel in their Halloween costumes. Colin is Anakin Skywalker and Isabel is a snow princess. Business was slow here (I stayed home to give out candy and do work), just 5 total trick-or-treaters in 2 groups. I think our street is too busy and the houses too spread out to make it attractive to most kids and parents. Adrianne took the kids to a nearby area that has lots of closely spaced houses and said there was a lot of kids there. They each got about 5 pounds worth of candy. My best pediatrician advice on Halloween was gleaned from Gerald Haas, one of the all time best general pediatricians who practiced in Cambridge, Mass and at a health center, but also precepted part-time in the continuity clinic at Boston Children's Hospital, where I trained. He said let your kids all the candy they want on Halloween, then the day after eat some candy and then throw the rest out. By that point they'll be sick of it anyway and won't miss it too much

Here is Isabel at her 5th birthday party last weekend, along with her mom and dad

Finally, here are the kids finishing breakfast one morning. You can see a bit the view we have from our living room on the right (sorry about the caption and picture not matching up, I blame Blogger). I'm obviously not much of a photographer (actually I didn't take any of these) but my friend Jason is. Here is his blog, which has tons of great pictures and some tips on being a better photographer (and here are some more)


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