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Monday, September 05, 2005

The 4 day work week

An increasing number of physicians seem to be working only 4 days a week, at least the ones I know. One of our former fellows gets a day off a week in his new job and while on vacation in Chicago I had lunch with a residency colleague who has every Wednesday off.

Every three day weekend I get, I think about how nice life would be if that was the rule, not the exception. I think both my friends do 8 half-day clinics a week which is a lot (I do 7) which means they have to fit in a lot of stuff either during or outside clinics, while I have some time for that (I cover inpatient consults 2 half-days but that doesn't fill up the time). Still, I fantasize about, say dropping my kids at school in the morning, going for a longish run, then picking them up and doing something.

Maybe someday


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