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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good medical care is expensive

THE first report for 13 years on the cost of treating asthma in Australia indicates spending on the disease has doubled. But according to the National Asthma Council, that is a good thing.

"We expected this would happen," CEO Kristine Whorlow said. "We are managing asthma better, so we are taking more medications – the only way to control asthma is with medications."

I blame Advair!

Seriously, while there are other approaches to asthma than just medicines (exercise, weight loss for obesity, environmental controls) I have no doubt with the conclusion: better asthma control is expensive.

For example, I follow an asthmatic man who has severe growth supression (< 5 ft tall) and has had necrosis of both hips due to dependence on oral corticosteroids for most of his childhood and adolescence . Now, with potent inhaled corticosteroids (ICS), ICS/long-acting beta agonist combinations like Advair and Omalizumab, we can manage almost everyone without such severe complications. And more good (but expensive) treatments are on the way.


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