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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Viva Pittsburgh

Yesterday evening we had one of those cool experiences where things just work out well. Adrianne and the kids headed for the Phipps Conservatory, our local botanical garden. They stopped at the library on the way and discovered a Brazilian jazz concert with free food and drink. They called me and I walked over to meet them.

They munched on lamb chops (only left 1/2 a one for me) and Brazilian sausage (I got my share) and Adrianne and I enjoyed free Penn beers. The music was great and Colin discovered Mad magazine. The music was great. Apparently this is a new monthly series "designed for adults who haven't visited a library since their graduation." They let us in even though we are regular users.

The place was hopping, with a mix of a few families, a number of young people and then a fair number of folks who looked like they had trouble deciding between Kucinich and Nader for president.

After that we headed to Phipps where we had a good time looking at all the plants and the kids played in the kids garden. Very cool and all within walking distance.


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