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Thursday, June 30, 2005

HIV denial making a comeback

According to the June Nature Medicine, Dr. Matthias Wrath is promoting the misguided notion that vitamin supplements are superior to antiretroviral medicines in treating HIV and AIDS. Conveniently, he also sells a line of vitamin supplements.

He bases his work on a legitimate study showing vitamin supplementation did slow HIV progression, but doesn’t mention that the researchers who conducted that study see vitamins as a adjunct, not a replacement for antiretrovirals.

The efficacy of antiretroviral therapy in patients with HIV and AIDS is nothing short of amazing. Many people, including myself, no someone who was hospitalized, seemingly near death from AIDS and is now living a near normal life. But does that stop the quacks? Nope.

I think we can lump these folks with creationists as not responsive to evidence. It would be bad enough if these were isolated idiots running around, but they’ve made inroads into African health officials such as the South African health minister who, according to the article, recommends
raw garlic and the skin of a lemon, not only do they give you a beautiful face, but they also protect you from disease
An accompanying article notes the equally troubling resurgence of those who doubt HIV causes AIDS.


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Jason said...

How about putting a few more adjectives on your group "creationists" such as "young earth creationists" or such? I certainly don't lump myself in the same group as vitamin freaks.

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Dr. Andy said...

I think you misunderstand: I'm the one doing the lumping, you don't get to choose. Anyway, I don't care how old you are ;-).

Seriously, I've always happily lumped all creationists together, but if you have info you'd like to share about differences between groups of creationists, I'm always open to it.

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