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Sunday, May 22, 2005

What class am I?

This NYTimes graphic allows you to see where you fit in America today.

As a physician, I am in the most prestigious profession. #1 out of more than 400. Go doctors!

One problem with the graphic is that many people, like me fall in multiple categories. I am also a "post-secondary" teacher (medical school faculty) and I have a doctoral (Ph.D.) as well as a professional degree (M.D.)

But what really caught my eye is that to achieve the same percentile in wealth as I do in occupaton and education, I'd need 50 million dollars! If there are any billionares out there who'd like to trade $50 million for my Ph.D., I'm not really using it much.

Also, the math seems odd. The graphic notes that only 19% of people don't finish high schoo, but then sets high school graduate at the 50th percentile.


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