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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Natural selection at work

A man was injured when he jumped from a car traveling 55-60 mph in an effort to retrieve a cigarette blown out of a passenger-side window
From the WP, via Best of the Web

UPDATE: These kinds of things seem to come in runs
Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.

A man, aged 20, and a girl of 17 are believed to have been filming a mock duel when they poured fuel into two glass tubes and lit it.

The pair were rushed to hospital after one of the devices exploded
My 7 year old son is constantly bugging me to "have a duel" with his toy light sabers. He's bummed out I won't let him see Revenge of the Sith, but it sounds a bit too violent.


At 12:09 PM, Anonymous ollie said...

My contribution: a couple of guys stopped in the middle of a lane 4 lane road (speed limit 45 mph) to retive a ball cap that was blown out of a window. Fortunately the car behind them didn't rear end them....


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