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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Not the brightest patients (or parents)

These posts by Dr. Tony and Gruntdoc got me to thinking about some of the funniest/silliest patients I've seen/heard/been involved with.

My all time favorite presented to a colleague who was finishing up an overnight pedi ED shift. It was a 1 month old whose parents brought him in because the dad had mistakenly mixed up a bottle of formula double strength.

The solution: give a bottle of water and mix by gently inverting baby several times

Remember, NEVER shake a baby (this part is serious).

Another was the parent who brought a child in to the ED with fever:

Doc: How high has the fever been
Mom: about 350 degrees
Doc: 350 degrees, did you measure that?
Mom: No, but we were baking some cookies and he felt about the same temperature as the cookies.


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