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Saturday, April 09, 2005

New Driver's License

Wife of Dr. Andy and I both got Pennsylvania Driver's licenses today. The process was about as painless as possible. Upon arrival at the center, you took a number. By the time we finished filling out the form (which was not obviously available on the web site) our numbers had been called. Forms were filled out, we sat for another 2 or 3 minutes and then were called back up to have our pictures taken, and a few minutes later our licenses were ready.

Much more pleasand than I had anticipated.

They do have a more sophisticated vision screeing, as they picked up that I have horrible vision out of my left eye, even corrected. I've always been able to pass the vision tests (with glasses or contacts) before. So now I have a restriction on my license that not only do I have to wear corrective lenses (duh) but can only drive vehicles with mirrors on both sides. No biggie.

I went to an opthamologist last summer and he told me the vision in that eye was so bad, I never used it much growing up so my brain learned to ignore it. I only really miss it biking, since it is hard to look back over your shoulder when you can't see out of that eye. Luckily, I don't bike much lately.


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