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Sunday, April 10, 2005

More Marburg

In general, I think the risk of a worldwide epidemic with a hemorrhagic fever is low, but his oubtbreak is starting to get scary:

An international medical charity battling a hemorrhagic fever that so far has killed 181 Angolans has urged the government to close the regional hospital here, at the center of the outbreak, saying the medical center itself is a source of the deadly infection.

In general when you are closing hospitals, it means that things are no where near in control. While it may well be the right move now, it means new sufferers will have to be quarantined at home in their villages or elsewhere. Of course, the supplies to effectively quarentine highly infectious patients are likely lacking in Angola.

Keep in mind that so far this has killed just over 200 people, which while the largest Marburg outbreak ever, is about 1/5 the number of US citizens killed in traffic accidents each month


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