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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Misconduct at NIH

is rampant according to this article. While I have no idea how much of a problem it is, I always think it is a bad sign for someone when they don't deny the actual accusations:
Alyza Lewin, Kagan's lawyer, said her client occasionally hugged or kissed female subordinates, and used "earthy language" in some e-mails to workers. Lewin also said Kagan once had retrieved a red bra that had been a gag gift among women in the office and sent it to a woman who had been a subordinate and who had transferred from his office after a falling out with him.
When the best your lawyer can do is admit to grossly inappropriate behavior and claim it doesn't rise to the level of sexual harassment, you are not in great shape.

"I think we (safety officials) got in the way, and that we were an impediment to the science," Luzar testified.
is true in every research institution.


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