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Thursday, March 03, 2005

MMR Protects Against Autism!

A study from Japan confirms that autism and the MMR vaccine are not linked. This clever study took a novel approach by studying rates of autism after MMR (this stands for measles, mumps and rubella, btw) was WITHDRAWN from Japan in 1993. Autism rates actually doubled after MMR was withdrawn.

This confirms multiple others studies showing no link between MMR and autism.

Why? Autism cases have actually increased everywhere over the last 20 years as doctors became more adept at making the diagnosis. MMR is often blamed because the first dose is given around the time kids start speaking. Since delay or loss of speech is a clue for autism, it is often suspected or diagnosed around the time of first MMR vaccination.

I have seen several kids in whom the parents were absolutely convinced the kid started regressing after MMR and were 100% sure it was to blame. Of course, that is how they remember things, not necessarily how they actually happened (and the recollection could be accurate but MMR just a coincidence)

Anyway, I hope this puts the nail in the coffin that MMR somehow causes autism.


At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Kent said...

My son is a 13-year-old autistic. I have dedicated the majority of my free time to working with him, or working for him. I was quite pleased when I saw the details of the study you mention, confirming what I have held as cause the past decade...Autism is 100% genetic, manifesting in the male genes, and no amount of innoculations, or Gluten, or frigid mothering, or ingesting Moon rocks will impact it.

The primary reason for case increases is the advanced recognition of the condition made possible through education adn awareness. When my son was diagnosed ten years ago, there was little research to go on, and even less professional resources who could specialize in the disease. Typically, children with some sort of PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) would be bucketed as MR and sent off to special ed classes once they hit school-age.

Now we know. Early intervention works. Hard work works. Effort works. My son has 4th-grade reading/retention skills, and has a good command over many ADL's including Money management, Directions, and has a strong command of verbage.

Take your chemical compounds and inject away!


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