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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Last Call

A great post from the Cheerful Oncologist about his last call as a resident. I can only concur at what a feeling of freedom that comes when you finish that last night. My residency actually ended on a Saturday morning in June at a community hospital west of Boston as I signed out my patients to the oncoming resident and walked out into a beautiful summer day.

Unlike TCO, my night was quiet, although I had expected the fates to something hellish at me. We covered both inpatients and the delivery room (in case any babies were in need of help) and maybe I went to a delivery or two, but there were not 28 weekers, thank God.

I don't think most non-docs can understand how hard residency is. Medical school is hard, but you have breaks and the tough parts don't last that long. Residency just keeps coming, call night after call night. I started my residency with 4 monts of being on call every 4th night. Ouch


At 4:13 PM, Blogger steveturner said...

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At 4:14 PM, Blogger steveturner said...

I remember my last call night at a residency program that totally abused me. I literally was putting in a 140 hour work week; fortunately, I had a dorm room at a building near the hospital. The last night on call for anesthesia, I stayed up the entire night doing trauma surgeries. I left the next afternoon and promptly had a minor car accident with a funeral procession that did not have any identifying flags or escort cars. Luckily, the car I hit had so many dents it was impossible to know which one I caused. I got away cheap- only a fifty-dollar bill
(I still had my scrubs on); the people were so eager to get paid, they held up the funeral procession while I ran to the hospital lobby ATM machine for the cash. The irony was that my contract ended up at 12:00 midnight, and I didn't even have to work that morning.


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