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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


This article discusses the fact that being a bit manic may not be a bad thing.

The article is okay, but raises a point many people forget: many traits that are harmful when taken to extremes are helpful in moderation. If you check to make sure you locked your door 200 times in the morning that is pathalogic, but I'm glad my accountant rechecks my tax returns for mistakes (actually I use Turbotax). A little bit of obsession is good (BTW obsessions are thoughts and compulsions are actions).

As one of my psychiatry professors put it in med school "if you hear voices and they tell you which stocks to buy and you become a content billionaire, you aren't schizophenic. You may be a prophet but you aren't schizophrenic."

UPDATE: it's hard to imagine what would be beneficial about a mild form of this disorder:
But an obsessive desire for a limb amputation - one that drives people to cut off healthy arms and legs - tests the tolerance of even the most open-minded.

Maybe keeping your nails well trimmed

Body integrity identity disorder has led people to injure themselves with guns or chain saws in desperate efforts to force surgical amputations.


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