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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hello and welcome to Dr. Andy

Hi everyone and welcome. Wow, my blog's first week and I already get an Instalanche (albeit a "mini" one as an update; maybe someday I'll get my own whole entry).

One might describe me as "good with technology, for a doctor" which would be consistent with my position as the most technologically incompetent blogger out there (I'm also a good runner for someone who is fat and slow). I've updated my profile and added and e-mail should anyone want to contact me. I am working on pictures and fixing the block quoting, etc. but I am

I want this blog to be about interesting stuff and issues in medicine and biology. I hope others are interested. My "real" life is quite busy, but I'll post and respond to emails and comments as best I can. I apologize in advance for when I don't.

I will also try ot mix in some anecdotes about myself and my experiences, with the caveat that I take my patients privacy very seriously and will generally refrain from speculating about medical problems of famous people.


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