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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Fat and fatter

Rural communities seem to have fatter kids than urban one:

More than a quarter of all fifth-graders in West Virginia are obese, where two-thirds of the population is rural. One in four public school children in Arkansas are obese
Two much time inside, not enough exercise, and bad diet. Yesterday I took my kids to see "Robots" in Omnimax (entertaining, but nothing special) and there was an enormously fat kid in front of us with his moderately fat father. The two of them ate a large popcorn, a cotton candy, two boxes of candy, and two large sugared sodas. No surpise there.

One good thing, I think, about living in a city is you walk more. I walk 15 minutes to and from work 4 days a week and my son walks the mile or so each way to school when the weather isn't too bad. Of course, the study notes high rates of obesity in very poor urban communities, which is suspect is it being too dangerous for kids to go out much

Medicine could really use an effective method for changing behavior.


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