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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Early to bed, Early to rise

makes my wife very cranky. I like to sleep in, but try to force myself to get up early to work-out, since it is easiest to fit in before everyone else gets up. It also ensures that I get it in, no matter how hectic my day gets or whatever comes up.

I notice how much easier it is to get up early in the summer, when it is at least getting light, than in the winter when I can easily run an hour and it still be dark out when I finish.

This NY Times article finds people exaggerate both how early they get up and how little they sleep:
In a study in which subjects claimed they could get by on just five hours' sleep, he said, researchers found the subjects were sneaking in long naps and sleeping in on weekends to make up for lost z's.
I think this is one of those things, like how strong they like coffee or how many hours a week they work, that people always round up.

I remember how early we'd have to get up during my surgery rotation as an MS-III (3rd year med student) and can't imagine how anyone keeps that up.


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