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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cars, cars, cars

Posting will be a bit sporadic until Monday as we drove down to DC with the family for a few days of vacation over the kids spring break.

Posting was sporadic the last few days due to blogger.

I went running in Rock Creek Park today which is nice, but would be really beautiful if there wasn't a heavily used four lane road running down the middle (at least the part I ran from Adams Morgan down to the Potomac). Why is it that planners can't resist opening up parks, etc to cars.

Just from my experience Chicago would be much better if they hadn't built a highway down the lakefront, same with Boston and the Charles. In NYC, both Prospect and Central Parks would be better if they closed the roads, and same to a lesser degree with Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. I'm sure there are other good examples, too.

Of course, I've never regularly driven to work or school.


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