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Friday, February 25, 2005

Mason & Dixon

Just finished Mason & Dixon, Thomas Pynchon's novel about the famous astronomer and surveyor, respectively, who put measured out the border between northern and southern states that bears their name (eponymous is the word -ed.). A great book

With Pynchon, I always feel there are a million details and plot twists I don't quite understand. I used the companion when I read Gravity's Rainbow which helped a lot. Anyway, in my non-expert view, Mason & Dixon boils down to the story of a great friendship between the two, with the usual crazy Pynchon antics thrown in. Like many male friendships, they are never quite able to break through their customary reserve and express their feelings, but it is a touching story none the less.

I hope to read this again, as I think I'd pick up a lot more the second time. I'd also try to read some more about it beforehand (criticism on the web, amazon reviews, etc).


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